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Kathy Watters ,   Owner                                   

.Shelbie has  been training dogs for many years.  Shelbie has taken many different courses on dog training and behavioral. Shelbie  recently started her own  dog training business. Shelbie  at 15   was on a search  and rescue team, learning the different ways dog can  smell.

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Shelbie Ringle,  Owner of  Fairy Tale Dog Training

Certified Master Dog Trainer

​Detection Certified

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Kathy Watters is the owner and head trainer. Kathy is a Certified Master Dog trainer with specialization in scent detection training. Kathy has over 20 years of experience training and has been certified since 2004. Growing up Kathy’s Mother bred Shelties and Poodles. So she began showing confirmation dogs at a young age. At 7 Kathy joined 4-H and switched from showing dogs to horses. Kathy spent 4 years of her youth showing and training horses for her fellow 4-H riders. Her goal was to ride in the Olympics. At age 18 Kathy began showing Collies, but she found herself bored. Kathy then went to school to continue her passion in the working dog world. From her experience and knowledge training Willow to detect gluten came easy.  Even though Kathy knew nothing about gluten previously she was able to successfully train the first gluten service dog in the USA. From this  a miracle to the Celiac community was born.