Looking for a dog trainer?

Nosey follows the IAADP service dog training standards and the ADI public access test for service dogs.

Your service dog will be minimally trained to the following standards:

All Allergen and Gluten detection service dogs will be trained to the following standards

The dog will be tested on 10 items.

-5 will be non-scent

-5 will contain the scent the dog is trained to detect

                Of those 5 items 1 will be a strong source, 1 will be a mid-level item, 1 will be trace source, and 1

                Will be an item that is typically safe but is contaminated.

-the dog and handler team will be required to pass this test prior to certification. This will be a blind test for the handler, meaning that the handler will not know which items are source and which are not.

The dog and handler team will be tested in our training facility and in a public venue. This is to ensure the dog and handler team can work in any environment. However we will bring our own scent items. This is to ensure that we know for certain which items the dog should be alerting on. We will not pull items from the shelf in the grocery store. It is too difficult to know if the package has been contaminated or if the glue or packaging contains the scent. We have run into problems recently with packaging being contaminated. This is not fair to the dog or handler as the food inside the package may be completely safe.

  Dog possess up to 300 olfactory receptors in there noses. compared to about 600 millions in us. And that part of the brain is devoted to analyzing smells is, propartionally speaking, 40 greater then ours. Dogs noses work differently then ours as well.


Here  are some important  items that are beneficial  when searching for a dog trainer.  

-  Trainer should be highly trained for any medical service dog.


 -while they are not required to be a dog trainer it is important to know that your trainer has HANDS ON instructions with a qualified trainer. Online training    is beneficial  for continuing education  however not to become certified.

Stability  in a dog trainer

-The dog should have one or two certified trainers. Multiples of trainers can be confusing to a canine.

Diabetic and seizure alert service dogs:

The dog will be expected to alert to the handler when. However with our vow to do no harm, we will not cause the handler to either have a drop in their blood sugar or to have a seizure to test their dog. We will use scent on the individual to see that their dog is alerting to their medical needs.

Psychiatric Service dogs including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Service dogs:

-The dog will be trained to maintain the handler’s personal space by “blocking”, the dog will get in between the handler and an approaching person.

-The dog will be trained to perform deep pressure therapy on the handler to help calm anxiety attacks.

-The dog can also be trained for many other tasks depending on the handler’s needs.

Each service dog will also be trained 2 additional tasks with their scent detection training. These can include, but are not limited to:

-getting help

-mobility assistance

-retrieving a medical bag

-using a special phone to call for help

-retrieving dropped items

*We can also train a combination dog for a handler. For example an allergen dog with PTSD tasks.