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Our family extends our gratitude and appreciation to  Kathy and the entire Nosey Dog Detection Partners Team! In the process of selecting and training our service dog,  Kathy have been exceptional in their comprehension of our challenges and subsequent needs. To date, we have had a tremendous experience working side-by-side with Nosey Dog Detection Partners and our gluten-detecting dog, Maven. They have worked hard from the beginning to ensure we have understood the “hows and whys”, creating a strong rapport and solid trainer/handler relationship. Kathy has been active and ongoing partners in our journey with Celiac Disease and continue to be advocates for how service dogs play in integral role in safely achieving health and wellness. ~ Bethany Torisky Szumigale

 Our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2013. Over the course of the next year, we learned was very sensitive to gluten. Trace Cross  and many certified gluten-free food would cause reactions the last for days. Her TTG never normalized despite turning our entire house gluten free safety zone. We felt very depleted. One late night. I was searching the internet for a solution and landed on the Nosey Dog website. I contacted them right away and within the next 2 weeks , Zeus was located for us. He started his training and we have never looked back. It was wonderful working with Kathy. She arranged for us to visit a few times, kept us up dated on his progress and was onlys  available to answer question. In January of 2016 my daughter and I went to Kathy's location for training. We had a lot of fun learning how  Zeus work. It was not intimidating and Zeus was able to stay with us ....he became out dog that week. 8 short days, we were headed home. Zeus now attends school as well as sleep- overs, music lessons and concerts. He is such a great worker. We now have more confidence as we allow our child live her very active life. Zeus is her little protector and we are very greatful for Kathy's dedication to helping people with different challenges - Wendy Lapadat

 I am still training with my PTSD dog, Doc. He has changed my life in many ways. For many years since my tour of service in the Marine's in Vietnam is was unable to just close my eyes to sleep. For most people sleep is when you are calm and recharge yourself. Mine was filled with night terrors from past combat! Thanks to Doc he doesn't let me stay there, he senses when it happening a wakes me up! During the day he snuggles me with attention if I get upset. He is a constant companion   and takes good care of me. This is because of  Nosey Service Dogs. They donated the dog and training to me and I am great full to them.Thank You !!! ~ Tom Trahan

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My husband and I came to the conclusion that our daughter needed a service dog; we didn’t know where to start or what to do.  Our daughter is Samantha  a loving, energetic 8 year old that has severe celiac.  We started researching on finding a company that could train a gluten-detecting dog.  Let me tell you there aren’t many out there and the one to have success in the US was Nosey Dog Detection.  My husband and I flew to Michigan from California to meet the Nosey team.  They told us what options we had and what the training entailed.  Our journey started in January 2015, in February we had chosen a border collie and he was delivered to Nosey in the later part of February.  Our little guy was doing so great at his job, he even came out to visit us.  As he moved into advanced training he was unable to successfully do his job.  Although the discussion was difficult for both Kathy and I, she told me that our guy was not going to make it through training.  This was an unfortunate situation. Friends would ask me, WHY would you stay with the trainer and this company if the dog failed.  My answer was honesty and integrity.  They didn’t give me a dog that couldn’t do his job. They took my daughters’ disease serious and wanted to ensure the dog we receive will do their job.  Not all dogs are suitable to be service dogs, some dogs do fail, but Nosey Dog will help you find and train a dog that will be a suitable service dog for your family.  We currently are starting a new journey with a golden retriever, we look forward to seeing her grow and advance with the goal of her becoming a suitable service dog for our family.  There is no other team I would trust with my daughters’ disease than Nosey Dog Detection. ~ Mellisa Ontiveros

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 4 years old, and anyone know about this disease knows what an incredibly difficult journey this this has been for our family. He is now 10 and after many months , I decided to seek help to train a Diabetic Alert Dog. We called several companies and realized what a huge expense this was going to be to our family. We are not wealthy and already spend a large amount of our income on medications and other diabetic equipment. When I met  Nosey  they supplied me with an avenue to train a detection dog with their direction and expertise. Upon making this huge decision to train and raise a service dog. Nosey has been there every step of the way, guiding and always pushing forward to the next step while keeping the dog's drive strong.

 We have been training Summer , our now 1 year old yellow lab since she was 6 months old, in family environment, where children of all ages interact with her daily in our home environment. The basis of their training is positive reinforcement, although they strive to use the best of every dog traing tool and method available, it has to fit not only Summer, but the capabilities and sensitivities of the handler as well in my case is both myself and my son. They also have the best training training method that enhances communication between my dog and my son and teaches it without pain, fear or confusion. Nsey breaks down each skill into small steps that build on each sucess.

 Summer has alerted several times in a short period of time and is progressing every week. Nosey's perseverance and knowledge of Dog Training techniques, I would highly recommend Nosey for any detection needs. They are wonderful to work with! And know their dog's! Thank you Nosey for all you have done for my family! Very truly Your ~ Carol Christoper

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I wanted to give a testimonial regarding Kathy Watters.My son joined 4h group Awesome Paws. Kathy noticed that my son and dog were not learning in the traditional way. Kathy took me aside and offered her help to me and my son. Kathy did this on her own time. I am so grateful for her kindness and help towards our family and my son. Kathy also helped my son at competion by going out of her way working with my son as well as talking with the judges regarding my son's participation. He had worked all year and the dog wouldn't cooperate. The judges after talking to Kathy allowed my son to go back in the ring and finish. That meant the world to my son and our family.  He didn't earn a medal but he did get to finish what he had worked so hard all year. I would recommend her for dog training and also getting a trained dog from her. Kathy is a very kind person and works hard at what she does. Kathy has a great drive and compassion for people as well as the dogs she works with. Sincerely, Julie Brit

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