Specialized Service Dog Training

We are your partner in finding, developing and training a specialized service dog for food allergen detection.

If you’re in need of an allergen, PTSD, or seizure service dog, we can train them!

We trained the first successful gluten detection dog in the United States.

We trained the first Red Dye #40 detection dog in the world.

We are a detection, behavior & search-and-rescue certified trainer.

We are a protection and FEMA / U.S. Department of Homeland Security certified trainer. 

We have over 20 years of experience and have trained hundreds of dogs.

Our name says it all—we are your partner in finding, developing and training a specialized service dog for your needs.  We are a certified master dog trainer with the experience and know-how to training your allergen detection dog right.

Zeus, gluten sniffing service dog for celiac disease patient Evelyn Lapadat.  Trained by Kathy Watters

Meet Zeus

Zeus, an Australian shepherd, is trained to detect gluten in foods.  We were honored to train Zeus.  When he detects gluten, he raises his paw and he turns his head when no gluten is detected.

Zeus was trained for Evelyn Lapadat, a young lady in Indiana, who struggles with celiac disease that often brings joint pain, stiffness and fatigue.  Since having the assistance from Zeus, Evelyn states,

“I haven’t gotten sick in a really long time and it’s like a really big relief.”

Kathy Watters

Dog trainers can earn professional certifications although it is not a requirement to work in the field. Reputable trainers seek certification with one of the major certification organizations and some are certified with multiple groups. Here at Nosey DDP, we feel professional certification sets us apart from other trainers and allows us to work with you to develop a service dog specialized for almost any need.

Kathy specializes in scent detection training. With over 20 years of experience training and she has continues to develop training for other allergens.