Kathy Watters

Owner & Certified Master Dog Trainer

  • Certified Master Dog Trainer
  • ​Detection Certified
  • FEMA Certified
  • Search And Rescue Certified
  • Behavor Certified
  • Protection Certified
  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Obedience Trainer
  • PTSD Trainer

Kathy is a Certified Master Dog Trainer with specialization in scent detection training. Kathy has over 20 years of experience training and she has been certified since 2004.

Growing up, Kathy’s mother bred Shelties and Poodles. So she began showing dogs at a young age. At 7 years old, Kathy joined 4-H and switched from showing dogs to horses. Kathy spent 4 years showing and training horses for her fellow 4-H riders.

By age 18, Kathy transitioned back to the dog training world and began showing Collies. She went to school to continue developing her passion in training working dogs. By 2004 she became a Certified Master Dog Trainer and continued to work on obtaining other certifications and education while training all types of dogs.

From her vast experience and certified knowledge, training the first successful gluten service dog in the United States came naturally. The dog, Willow garnered state and national attention in 2013 and Kathy continued to develop training for other dogs and owners—creating new options and hope for the Celiac community.

Along with gluten detection, Kathy has trained other service dogs to assist in detection of Red Dye 40, peanuts and other allergens. Dogs assisting people with PTSD and Diabetes have also been trained by Kathy through Nosey Dog Detection Partners over the years.

Technology and exceptional training methods allow Kathy to help people across the country in affordable and effective ways. Her passion for helping people and making the most of the gift of service animals is evident every day.

Certifications & Training Credentials