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Celiac Service Dog

J.P., Celiac Service Dog | Nosey Dog Detection Services

“Kathy and her company gave me my first reason to relax after my diagnosis. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in my 30’s I felt truly crippled. It’s such a helpless and terrifying experience to not know what you can eat, especially when the side effects are life threatening.

After hours of research, I found Nosey Dog Detection Partners and Kathy patiently answered my questions, but even more importantly, she was honest. Training a service dog is hard and takes a long time. She worked with me to improve my handling with my pup until he could detect gluten after a handshake.

I can’t possibly describe the relief I felt knowing that I could go out to eat with friends and eat safely.

Since working with Kathy and my service dog, J.P., I haven’t been back to the hospital and I’m excited to keep it that way. ”

– Heather Peyton