German Shepherd

Treenut & Peanut Detection Service Dog

At the time of me writing this I haven’t even owned my allergen detection dog, Liberty, for a year yet and she’s already made a huge difference in my life. She’s lifted a heavy weight of food anxiety from my shoulders.

Never before was I able to just walk into a restaurant without worrying about cross contamination or get invited somewhere to eat and not be nervous and do tons of research before hand and even potentially decline if it didn’t feel safe. But now I have my Liberty.

I took two trips to Disney World in 2021, one before picking Liberty up and one with her after picking her up. It was a world of difference, I had the freedom of walking into any restaurant and ordering nearly anything I wanted, which was not something I felt safe doing alone with severe food allergies before. But with Liberty by my side I feel safe and confident. I couldn’t thank Kathy and Nosey Dog Detection Partners enough for my wonderful partner and guardian, Liberty.

– Sara Simpson