German Short-Haired Pointer

Celiac Service Dog

Lottie, Celiac Service Dog | Nosey Dog Detection Services

“I am Megan Dengler and I have a Celiac Service Dog trained with Kathy at Nosey Dog Detection Partners. My German Shorthaired Pointer, Lottie, and I trained with Kathy via Skype and worked on every aspect of Lottie’s training together.

Kathy taught me how to be a handler, and Lottie how to be a working dog! Lottie can detect gluten down to just a few parts per million and keeps me safe from foods labeled ‘gluten free’ that may have too much gluten for me to safely consume, even if less than 20ppm. Lottie even checks non food items such as my soaps and lotions!

Kathy has truly changed my life because I can now eat in public again and sit at the kitchen table with family and friends while they enjoy gluten, knowing that Lottie will be there to check my food before I eat it, and keep me safe.

Trying any food not prepared in a designated gluten-free facility is risky business for me, but now that I have Lottie by my side, I can travel again and try new foods because my food is always checked.  There’s no guessing and hoping I’ll be okay, I’m always sure now. ”

– Megan Dengler

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