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My husband and I came to the conclusion that our daughter needed a service dog; we didn’t know where to start or what to do.  Our daughter is Samantha, a loving, energetic 8 year old that has severe Celiac.  We started research on finding a company that could train a gluten-detecting dog.  Let me tell you there aren’t many out there and the one to have success in the U.S. was Nosey Dog Detection Partners.

My husband and I flew to Michigan from California to meet the Nosey DDP team.  They told us what options we had and what the training entailed.  Our journey started in January 2015, in February we had chosen a border collie and he was delivered to Nosey DDP in the later part of February.  Our little guy was doing so great at his job, he even came out to visit us.

As he moved into advanced training, he was unable to successfully do his job.  Although the discussion was difficult for both Kathy and I, she told me that our guy was not going to make it through training.  This was an unfortunate situation. Friends would ask me, WHY would you stay with the trainer and this company if the dog failed.  My answer was honesty and integrity.  They didn’t give me a dog that couldn’t do his job. They took my daughter’s disease serious and wanted to ensure the dog we receive will do their job.

Not all dogs are suitable to be service dogs, some dogs do fail, but Nosey DDP will help you find and train a dog that will be a suitable service dog for your family.  We currently are starting a new journey with a golden retriever. We look forward to seeing her grow and advance with the goal of her becoming a suitable service dog for our family.  There is no other team I would trust with my daughter’s disease than Nosey Dog Detection Partners.

~ Mellisa Ontiveros