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Summer, Diabetic Service Dog | Nosey Dog Detection Services

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 4 years old, and anyone who knows about this disease knows what an incredibly difficult journey this has been for our family. He is now 10 and after many months , I decided to seek help to train a Diabetic Alert Dog. We called several companies and realized what a huge expense this was going to be to our family. We are not wealthy and already spend a large amount of our income on medications and other diabetic equipment.

When I met Nosey Dog Detection Partners they supplied me with an avenue to train a detection dog with their direction and expertise.

Upon making this huge decision to train and raise a service dog, Nosey DDP has been there every step of the way, guiding and always pushing forward to the next step while keeping the dog’s drive strong.

We have been training Summer, our now 1 year old yellow lab since she was 6 months old, in our family home environment where children of all ages interact with her daily. The basis of Nosey DDP training is positive reinforcement and the best of every dog training tool and method available. The training has to fit not only Summer, but the capabilities and sensitivities of the handler as well – in our case, both myself and my son. Nosey DDP also uses the best training training methods that enhance communication between my dog and my son, teaching without pain, fear or confusion. They break down each skill into small steps that build on each success.

Summer has alerted several times in a short period of time and is progressing every week. Because of Nosey DDP’s perseverance and knowledge of professional dog training techniques, I would highly recommend them for any detection needs. They are wonderful to work with and know their dogs!

Thank you Nosey Dog Detection Partners for all you have done for my family!

Very truly yours,

– Carol Christopher