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Celiac Service Dog

Zeus, Celiac Service Dog | Nosey Dog Detection Services

Our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2013. Over the course of the next year, we learned she was very sensitive to gluten. Many certified gluten-free foods would cause reactions that lasted for days. Her TTG never normalized despite turning our entire house into a gluten free safety zone. We felt very depleted.

One late night I was searching the Internet for a solution and landed on the Nosey Dog Detection Partners website. I contacted them right away and within the next 2 weeks, our dog Zeus was located for us. He started his training and we have never looked back.

It was wonderful working with Kathy. She arranged for us to visit a few times, kept us up dated on his progress and was always  available to answer question.

In January of 2016 my daughter and I went to Kathy’s location for training. We had a lot of fun learning how Zeus worked. It was not intimidating and Zeus was able to stay with us….he truly became our dog that week. In 8 short days, we were headed home.

Zeus now attends school as well as sleep-overs, music lessons and concerts. He is such a great worker. We now have more confidence as we allow our child live her very active life. Zeus is her little protector and we are very grateful for Kathy’s dedication to helping people with different challenges!

~ Wendy Lapadat